Naming ceremonies are a fantastic way to celebrate a new birth into a family, the adoption of a child or the joining of two families together after their parents become married.

Traditional religious ceremonies may not reflect your beliefs, values or spirituality and you long for something truly bespoke that represents your family’s identity and culture. Perhaps you would like to involve friends or other family members in a ceremony that represents love, support and commitment to your child.

Naming ceremonies are designed from scratch and can involve as many participants, readings, poems, songs or promises as you wish. You may wish to add a few elements to recognise your new roles or symbolically welcome your child: lighting unity candles, giving gifts, planting a tree, creating a painting or a sand ceremony. You can also hold the ceremony anywhere you wish, the only limit is your imagination.

To discuss your ideas for how you would like to celebrate the creation of a new family, please get in touch for more details.

Tree Planting
With the world ever more in need of embracing ecology, planting a tree is a great way of marking the naming of a child as you can watch them grow together. You can involve the National Trust in this and have the tree planted in areas of the country in need of the investment and then the legacy becomes a place to visit and share happy events like picnics and birthday lunches in the future.

Create a Library
Ask guests to bring their favourite book to the Naming Ceremony and then say a little bit about why that book was special to them or what message is contained within the book that you want for the child to adopt in life. With thousands of children struggling with literacy in the U.K and studies that have shown more rapid growth intellectually in children that are read to, having a personal library of books incorporated in your ceremony is a real investment in your child's future.

Time Capsule

All the guests bring an object that is meaningful to them, perhaps educational but always inspirational and along with a newspaper, a group photo and maybe their first tipple for when they turn eighteen a time capsule is created full of sentiment, well wishes and hopes for the future. It must be fascinating to see how they have turned out in comparison to the contents.

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