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Funeral Services

Your life is unique and the commemoration of your death should be too.

A funeral is a time to express grief in a last goodbye that honours a life led, it is an opportunity to recognise the true character, values and beliefs of the person who has died and a time for support, comfort and a reflection as friends and family start to come to terms with their loss.

I’ll spend as much time with you as you need, to help you develop the service with words, music, poems, readings, and flowers. You can choose to have hymns that resonate with your family and childhood, or more popular or classical music that evokes precious memories of special times, or a combination of both.

Funeral ceremonies can involve as many friends and family as you wish, they can introduce poems or readings that they would like to read or I can design and lead the whole ceremony. I respect everybody’s beliefs and spirituality, ultimately the content of the funeral service will be of the family’s choosing.

I am here to help, not to take over unnecessarily. If you would prefer to have a friend or family member lead the ceremony then I can support with the designing of it so that all the personal elements you want are included, along with the practical necessities of a burial or cremation, whether that is at a crematorium, natural burial ground, memorial or scattering of ashes.


Together, with your Funeral Director, we can develop a fitting tribute to reflect and honour your loved one in a meaningful ceremony that is a final gift and a fitting farewell.

If you would like to discuss my services further then please see the details on the Contact Me.