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Wedding Services

When I was planning my wedding I was presented with so much that was tradition, constraints around ‘that’s how its done’, where I could get married, legalities and formalities.

I knew there had to be another way and there is. Having a celebrant led wedding gives you the freedom to celebrate your love and commitment in any way you choose. Wedding ceremonies have been held in gardens, on boats, in castles, at home, on beaches, up mountains, in fields and on the banks of beautiful rivers. There is no need for a licensed venue so there are more opportunities to find somewhere special and meaningful to you.

Not bound by the hours prescribed by Registry Offices, you can hold your ceremony in the moonlight, at sunrise or sunset, or at any time of day that suits you. You can be as romantic and creative in your wedding design as you wish.

Your Wedding Ceremony can be as dignified as a church service, but with all or some of the religious elements replaced by words and music that have truly significant meaning for you. You can integrate elements from other religions such as breaking glasses and hand fasting or lighting candles, create paintings, making wishes for your new partnership, releasing balloons, having a ring or sand ceremony. The choices are endless, all that matters is you truly have the ceremony of your dreams.


I write every ceremony from scratch, incorporating readings, music and rituals that are inspirational to you. I can help you write your own vows, involve children and family members but ultimately find a way that expresses your love and commitment in a meaningful way. We will practice the choreography of the day so you can feel confident that it will all be exactly as you had dreamed.

The Legal Bit

In order to complete the formalities you will need to visit your local Register Office. This is a simple, quick and reasonably cheap process, to make the appropriate legal declarations in the presence of two witnesses. If you like you can save exchanging rings and vows for your ceremony.

Carrying out the legalities separately enables you to declare your love and commitment to each other in more personal and creative ways. You can begin your new life together in a place, and in a style, that truly reflects who you are and celebrates your uniqueness as a couple.

To discuss your ideas for your ‘Big Day’ further, please Contact Me to find out how.